Kickstart Your Songwriting With Hum For iOS

HumMost budding songwriters will attest to the fact that there is a dearth of songwriting Apps on the App Store. So far these artists have been making do with combining Voice Memos and Notes. But now Hum is here to make their experience better. Hum is the creation of three people who are singer, songwriters and instrumentalists themselves, which means they know what you’re looking for in a songwriting App.


Hum has a simple, stylish and intuitive UI made up of two main screens: a list of your songs and a filter screen. You can add a new song by tapping on the Add icon. This presents you with an option to add lyrics. You can type in the lyrics or just speak into the microphone. Once you are done, swipe to the left and marvel at the additional features available to you to further embellish your song. This screen enables you to set the key, tuning, capo, mood and tempo. This panel alone is worth getting Hum for. No longer do you need to write a note to place the capo of your guitar at 4th fret or to tune it two steps down. Although, if you do need to make extra notes, like when to bring in the drums, swipe left again and you’ll be presented with the screen to add notes.


You can also find your songs through the filter screen. There are several filters, for instance Lyrics Only, Oldest First, filtering by key, capo, and many more. However, it is missing a search by title or lyrics of the song. You can also share your songs with your friends and bandmates via message and e-mail.


Hum is a new App and of course there are features that users may like which are missing. However, the developers seem very open to suggestions from users. From their support page it’s evident that they are looking to add more features, for instance syncing to Drop box so you can have a backup. There also seems to be a lot of demand for multiple recordings of a song which may be included in a future update. Regardless, the fact remains that Hum is a unique App which can help songwriters to get organised and spend more time creating than fussing with various Apps. You can download Hum for $1.99 from the App Store.

Positive — Ability to save your lyrics and melody in one place. Additional option to set key, tuning and capo for a song.

Negative — No ability to search for a song by title or lyrics. No backup option yet.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 9/10

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