Google Smartwatch To Debut At Google I/O In June (RUMOR)

smartwatchAs reported by @evleaks, Google is ready to step into the Smartwatch market and this long rumored entry may just come true at this year’s Google I/O in June with help from the folks at LG.

Applying the puzzle pieces together, Google may just be ready to head into the smartwatch business. Last year Google quietly purchased WIMM, a smartwatch manufacturer and added it into its Android folds. Moreover, we also know Google was awarded a patent or two regarding smartwatch, thus building a stable ground to head into the smartwatch territory. Furthermore, LG and Google have a good relationship with each such as manufacturing television’s with Google TV, Nexus 4 and Nexus 5.

With manufacturers such as Sony and Samsung already in the smartwatch market, Google might have some troubles but teaming up with LG will ensure that their smartwatch will have no difficulties entering the race. Apple is reportedly working on the iWatch as well.

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