Globo – New Minimalistic World Clock App from Developer of ‘Amount’


From the developer behind the popular and minimalistic iOS conversion App, Amount, comes yet another aesthetically pleasing and useful App, Globo, a world clock.


However, its usefulness is not limited to its beauty, as it boasts a number of essential features. On the main screen shown above, your favourite locations are displayed along with their respective times and countries. They are colored based on the time in those specific zones.


Tapping a location will take you to its specific page where you can view general and geographic information pertaining to it, and it also allows you to access the time settings and the App’s alarm features.

The full feature list is below:

– Gorgeous user interface with time-based colors.
– Find every location in the world.
– Create a list of your favorite clocks and manage them in a completely new way.
– Useful data for every location: time zone, time interval and distance from another location, coordinates and much more!
– Change the time in a location and instantly see how it change in other places in the world.
– Create up to 64 custom location-based alarms.
– Completely offline.

Globo is currently specific to the iPhone and iPod touch, and will set you back a mere 99 cents:

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