Disney Magic For iOS Users – Disney Movies Anywhere

disneyWith the digital release of its latest movie Frozen, Disney also announced the launch of its App, “Disney Movie Anywhere”. Disney Movies Anywhere allows users to store and stream digital versions of Disney, Marvel or Pixar movies they’ve purchased online or a physical purchase. Select physical purchases that come with codes, can also be entered into Disney Movies Anywhere to unlock digital copies and their extra features.


The purchased movie can be streamed on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV and iTunes on Computer or Mac. According to Walt Disney Studios Chief Technology Officer, Jamie Voris a link to iTunes is provided besides streaming on iOS devices to be able to watch movies in a family-friendly way. Also, user can also put viewing restrictions on movies on a per-device basis.

Disney Movies Anywhere works on a similar technology as UltraViolet from which both Disney and Apple decided to stay out. Disney’s version of UltraVoilet is called KeyChest technology. The technology will store and record consumers’ purchases of digital movies on different servers. The App also recognizes codes that have enabled digital downloads of Disney movies since 2008.


According to Drew Crum, an analyst with Stifel Nicolaus & Co., “Disney Movies Anywhere could stabilize Disney’s home- entertainment business, which has experienced lower results for five consecutive years”. Disney Movies Anywhere will help Disney come into digital content limelight.

The App is available for free to download. Individual movies from a library of 420 movies can be bought for $19.99 each. As a promotional offer, Disney is gifting a free copy of The Incredibles to start your library.