Challenge Your Vocabulary With Letroca for iOS and Android

letrocaQuite a lot of us are in constant desire to pick up new words and use them often. Letroca word game gives you a challenge to remember as many of those words again. It gives you a few alphabets and all you have to do is make as many word combinations using the letters available. It doesn’t limit you to the alphabet count while jumbling. Make as many three letter, four letter and so on words (yes, meaningful!) depending on the total alphabets given.

The Letroca game has three modes Classic, Half and Zen. With Classic mode you have to make the largest word by jumbling the given letters to proceed to next round. Half mode advances you to the next round if you fill half of the targeted words and Zen mode is for the people who don’t love to rush, i.e. no time limit.


When you choose to start, the game provides with blanks for targeted number of words that can be made using the given alphabets. So you start to fill as many blanks with as many words you know to enjoy and keep the fire alive. You can also know the meaning of the words from the jumbled alphabets by tapping on the word once the game is over. Incase you feel their is a missing word from the database; you can share that word with the makers and they are generous enough to add the word if its in dictionary.


The Letroca game has a social connect with Facebook which allows you to record your score and challenge your friends. This game is the first game by Fanatee Services. It is also available in Portuguese and Spanish. The game is available for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices.

iOS Download Link
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Positive – Addictive, can lookup meanings of new words.

Negative – Word bank not very exhaustive.

Rating – 4.5/5

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