Bomb Survivor For iOS — Can You Run Fast Enough To Escape The Bombs?

Bomb SurvivorBomb Survivor for iOS is a recent addition to the App Store collection of games. As the name suggests it’s a survival game with an old-style look. It puts you in the shoes of a soldier who’s running to save his life as planes zoom overhead dropping bombs at him. Do you think you can run fast enough?

Bomb Survivor

Bomb Survivor is a more suitable game for children. The UI and the gameplay can be a bit boring, and perhaps frustrating, for adults. But it can prove to be a fun game for children. The controls are very simple: left and right arrows at the bottom make the soldier run, while tabs half-way up the screen makes him jump. Dangers come from both the sky and ground. You not only have to escape the many types of bombs that fall from you from the top, but also need to jump over the mines on the ground. The levels keep getting harder with more frequent bombs and closer land mines. Sometimes, a friendly plane will drop an apple which you can collect for extra points. In addition, with each level you clear you collect coins which can be used to purchase new uniforms. These uniforms provide more defence for the soldier. In addition, you get to play Bonus levels where instead of bombs coins rain down, and the aim is to collect as many as you can.

Bomb Survivor is very new and so, as with most new Apps, there were features missing and some bugs. Sometimes, you can clear an entire level with no bombs being dropped at all. In the free version you may clear some levels but when you try to get to them later you get a message saying you need to pay for the App to access it. Playing the previous level clears the problem.

Bomb Survivor

In my opinion Bomb Survivor is a good game for children, which can keep them entertained for quite a while. You can download the free version to trial the game. And if you like it you can get the full pack for only $0.99 from the App Store.

Positive — Good game for children.

Negative — Not exciting for adults.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 3/5

Note: There has been an update from the developer and several issues, including the ones mentioned in this review, have now been fixed.

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