BlockPop! for iOS – Pop the Blocks (Review)

blockpopBlockPop!, developed by LPD Interactive, is an addicting and quite interesting game in which you need to pop some blocks with a twist. With tons of levels, restrictions and power-ups, BlockPop! is definitely an amazing App.


BlockPop! has a simple gameplay. When you first play the game, a tutorial walks you through the game and teaches you some basics. All you have to do is tap on the blocks and pop them. But where is the twist? The twist is that you have a limited number of taps, and blocks need to be in the right color to pop them. Popping a block sends out small fragments that, on colliding with other blocks, also pop them. So you can in one tap, master each level. Moreover in the top left side there is a scheme that tells you how the blocks change color when you tap on them. If the block is green, on tapping, it will change color to yellow and then red. Red is the color needed to pop the blocks. Furthermore, BlockPop! also provides you with power-ups such as ‘hints’, ‘Tap +1’ and ‘skip’ that cost some in-game money to use.


BlockPop! has a good layout and design. The graphics can be improved and animation can be made smoother. The tutorial does teach you some basics but it leaves you confused. Ads are a pain as they appear whenever they want. However, just the graphics and the tutorial can be updated a bit.

Positive features:

– Good idea
– Power-ups
– Addicting
– Tons of levels

Negative features

– Confusing tutorial
– Graphics need improvement
– Randomly popping Ads

Overall, BlockPop! is an addicting game that features a brilliant gameplay. BlockPop! is available on the App Store for Free for iPhone and iPad.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 8/10