Apple’s New Security Update – iOS 7.0.6

ios7096Apple released its new update iOS 7.0.6 today which addresses a major SSL i.e. Secure Socket Layer issue. SSL encrypts the internet traffic, without it in place your activities online are exposed. The software initially had problems validating the authenticity of the connection, which has been fixed with the new update. This will avoid hackers from obtaining this data and making any changes to it.

The new update patch is also available for devices that do not support iOS 7 like the iPhone 3GS and fourth-generation iPod touch.

iOS 7.0.6 update came in less than a month’s time from its last iOS 7.0.5 release. For people who are waiting for iOS 7.1 update, it is still in beta testing. It is expected to have numerous tweaks to the current iOS 7 platform and will not be available until mid-March.

To update to iOS 7.0.6, visit the settings -> General -> Software Update on compatible iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. You can also update by connecting the compatible device to a Mac or PC and update using iTunes.

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