Apple Hires Yet Another Biosensor Expert

Biosensor Expert

Apple has been focusing on the fitness and health aspect of its alleged iWatch lately, as they hired a new talent last month – Marcelo Lamego.

Marcelo Lamego was previously the Chief Technology Officer of Cercacor, a company that develops non-invasive health monitoring technologies, including devices and sensors.

During his 8 years at Cercacor, Lamego was responsible for developing the Pronto-7, an award-winning device that was designed to measure a patient’s oxygen saturation, hemoglobin levels, and pulse rate.

Before that, he studied at Stanford, and wrote quite a few research papers there, including one on Neurointerfaces.

His LinkedIN profile states he works at Apple under Research and Development, though speculation suggests he is involved with the development of the iWatch.

(Via CultOfMac)