Apple Developer Site Introduces App Design Tips For iOS 7


The Apple Developer Website has just been updated with tips and advice for designers looking to create Apps for iOS 7 powered devices.

With iOS 7, Apple introduced a very flat and minimalistic new look, much like what Android did with its Holo design. With this, they want to make sure that all the Apps running on these devices comply with their design guidelines for a more unified and premium look and experience.

Along with previous guidelines and resources, the design page now includes iOS 7 specific documents. While many are available to the public, some require you to be a registered Apple developer.

Apple explains:

Exceptional user experience is a hallmark of Apple, and a distinguishing feature of apps built for iOS and OS X. Review the resources below to learn how to build the polished, engaging, and intuitive apps that Apple customers have come to expect.

They also have a ‘iOS Do’s and Don’ts‘ page, which lays down guidelines on basic Application elements, such as Touch controls, Text size, Hit targets, and more.

Visit the webpage here:

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