Alertic For iOS — Come Rain Or Snow, Be The First To Know

AlerticHave you ever been caught out by a freak storm or an unseasonal snow? Walked out of your house without an umbrella because the skies were clear only to be rained on fifteen minutes later? We all have been surprised by the weather sometime or another, but Alertic for iOS is here to ensure that we are never caught out again.


Alertic is a beautifully designed App with a clean and completely gesture-driven interface. At the start it ascertains your location and adds it to the locations list. After that just swipe top to bottom to add more cities. Swiping from left to right toggles the alerts on or off. While swiping to the left removes the locations from your list. All the locations appear in different colours so are easily distinguished. Each displays the local time, number of alerts and the current temperature. Once you’ve set your locations and turned on the alerts, Alertic will alert you well in advance of any changes in the weather. It could be a drop in the temperature, change in wind speed, or a flurry of snow. You can also tap on a location to get an expanded view which displays the alerts on the top, and at the bottom you can see the current weather condition, if it’s raining, snowing, sunny, the temperature and the wind speed. There is also a temperature graph which, in just one look, shows what time the temperature reaches maximum and when it’ll drop again. Swiping the screen upwards presents you with the settings page where you can choose display settings, such as Celsius or Farenheit, Time Format, and also manage notifications.


Alertic is a simple weather-alert App which doesn’t do very much, but what it does it does very well and that is alerting you to the tiniest changes in the weather conditions. So if you are after a weather App which gives you a 10-day forecast then perhaps Alertic is not for you, although it can prove to be a perfect complement to another weather App. However, if you want to know if there’d be slippery ice in the morning, or if you should carry your sunscreen lotion with you to a picnic because of low ozone, or to avoid any nasty weather shocks download Alertic today.

You can download Alertic for $0.99 from the App Store.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 8/10

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