Agnitus – Touch Enabled Learning App For 2-6 Year Olds

agnitusAgnitus is an interactive App for children in their early years. The App uses smart progression based technology to support child’s learning activities. It focuses on building the fundamental skills in reading, writing and mathematics. The App understands a child’s personality, and gives a personalized learning experience. Progress report is tracked and shared with parents on a regular basis with tips on how parents can help build their child’s potential.

Agnitus covers a wide curriculum for kids between 2 to 6 years of age by focusing on a simple approach that children are naturally creative and learn more by seeing, touching, hearing and doing things. The App supports their curiosity with tools and games that provide rich sources of tangible activity that help them to build fundamental learning skills. Skill levels progress from basic to advanced based on the adaptive learning algorithm.


Progress reports are available in the App and these can be accessed instantly. These reports share the learning progress on various skills and their time devotion on various learning activities.


The App Agnitus has an option of free trial and also pay per month plan. With “free trial” you get first 7 days free. Pay per month charges a tuition fee of $6.99 per month and gives an access to more than forty skills. Besides, it gives you an access to smart report cards, teacher controls where you can select specific skills you want your child to focus on and multiple child profiles in the app.

Agnitus is available for iPad (AppStore) and Android (Google Play).

Positives – Comprehensive curriculum, adaptive learning, very engaging

Negatives – $6.99 per month

Rating – 5/5