Wrap Camera HD for iOS — Reinvent your photos in your own style

Wrap CameraWrap Camera HD for iOS is the latest photo and image editing tool to hit the AppStore. And it certainly is one of the most powerful ones out there. Wrap Camera HD provides several options for editing your existing and new photos, which can be applied individually or combined with other effects to create a photo in any style you want.

Wrap Camera HD presents all its options on one screen without cluttering it too much which is remarkable. Your photo, which can be taken by the camera or selected from the Camera Roll, is displayed in the middle. Help and a Demo video take the top row, while the editing tools are displayed below and you can scroll across to access them all. Of the many editing tools in Wrap Camera HD, the best and funkiest ones are Shapes, Finesse, 2D Shapes, Unify and Editor. With Shapes you can present your photo as Collage, Bunch, Showreel, and other such forms. Finesse allows you to give the photos different effects, like Cinematic or Sparkle. If these are not enough you can distort and crush your photos with 2D Shapes. With Editor you can add text bubbles, text and smiley faces if you want to go for a casual effect. But the best tool is Unify which lets you blend two photos together in different styles and with varying transparency.

Wrap Camera

The History option is extremely useful in order to track the previous changes to the photos in case you want to revert to an earlier version. Most tools in Wrap Camera HD also give you the option to Undo the changes which means you can never make an irreversible mistake. Other editing tools are available to enhance the light, contrast, brightness or to rotate or crop the photos. Once saved, these images can be easily shared on the social media.

Wrap Camera

As is sometimes the case with new Apps, there are some teething issues with Wrap Camera HD. For instance, the Text Bubble icon is confusingly named Text, while the Text icon is named Text Bubble. Sometimes the App crashes when you try to do too much at the same time which is when some of the options become unresponsive as well. But there is a lot more right with this App than there is wrong, and we expect these issues will be smoothed out in future releases. If you’re a photo enthusiast Wrap Camera HD is definitely an App for your device.

You can download Wrap Camera HD for $1.99 from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 8/10

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