Whoscall By Line Lets You Identify Unknown Callers, Block Numbers


The developers behind Line, the popular Android and iOS messaging App with over 300 million users, have just launched whoscall, a powerful utility App for Android users that lets you identify unknown callers, and block unwanted or spam calls. The App has been released on the Google Play Store, and will be coming to iOS soon.

This service was previously branded under the name Gogolook, which was later acquired by Line, so it is essentially the same service.

It has a database with over 600 million phone numbers, gathered from worldwide phone books, internet searches, and public databases, which help you identify unknown callers, and you can then accept or ignore the call, or block the caller completely.

Users situated in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, and the U.S. can download the entire database for offline usage, and can also ‘tag’ unknown calls they receive, that will then be added to the database.

Download it from the Play Store here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gogolook.callgogolook2

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