Top 5 Word Games for iPhone and iPad

Word GameOf all the puzzle-style games on the App Store, word games are the most loved and played. They are a great way to take a break, while increasing your vocabulary at the same time. And exactly for that reason the AppStore is full of hundreds of word games. So which one should you choose to spend your time and money on? At TheAppleGoogle, we have done the research for you and bring you the Top 5 Word Games available for iPhone and iPad.

Words With Friends (Free or Paid for $4.99)

word game
Developed by the popular game company Zynga, Words With Friends is one of the most addictive word games out there. It’s basically scrabble but with the ability to play with people in your Twitter and Facebook Network. Words With Friends can also randomly select opponents for you which, if you accept, gives you the chance to increase your social network. If you choose the “Pass and Play” option you can play with your own friends or family. There is the ability to play up to 20 games simultaneously with the additional feature of in-game chat.

WordJong (Free or Paid for $0.99)

word game
As the name suggests, WordJong is a take on the popular game Mahjong, but instead of the usual tiles you get to play with word tiles. The aim of the word game is for you to make the best words possible from the visible tiles and in the process clear the tiles so there are none left. There are different levels of difficulty with high-scoring words receiving gold coin rewards and power-ups. Once you download WordJong you will find yourself coming back to it day after day.

Moxie (Free or Paid for $2.99)

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Unlike Scrabble or other such word games, with Moxie you may need to watch the demo to see how the game is played. But once the demo ends you will not be able to stop yourself from giving it a go. There are three lines with five boxes in each, and you are presented with a new letter every turn. Place the letters in the boxes or swap existing letters to make meaningful words. You can either play the Classic version for free or get the paid version, Moxie 2, which has 6-letter words, the ability to undo your mistakes and the opportunity to score higher.

Scruzzle Word (Free or Paid for $0.99)

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Scruzzle Word is a crossword puzzle with a twist. All the squares of the crossword are filled but the letters are not in their right position. Drag and drop them or tap on two tiles two swap their letters. Once you’re able to create the right word the tiles turn golden to indicate that you have solved that clue. There are different difficulty modes to keep you on your toes. This word game is a must have for all crossword fans who want something a little different.

Jumbline (Free or Paid for $1.99)

word game
Jumbline is the classic word game in which you have to find all possible words within a given word. What makes Jumbline better than other such puzzles is that it has a clean and intuitive interface. Along with the main word, you are presented with a set of blank boxes for each word that you should be able to find. You can shuffle the set of letters or move them around to find the different words. Underline each word as you get them to populate the boxes. Once you’ve run out of time the rest of the words that you’ve missed will be revealed.

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