Top 5 Educational Apps For Kids On iPhone and iPad

Educational AppsKids are learning to use iPhones and iPads from a very early age. Toddlers master the art of swiping and tapping even before they learn to say mummy and daddy. So why not use this skill and their desire to play with electronic devices to help them learn. Educational Apps for kids are in high demand which explains the extraordinary number of children’s Apps on the App Store. To help you choose the best App for your child we, at TheAppleGoogle, have picked our favourite educational app from five different categories: Letters, Math, Geography, Music and Miscellaneous Fun.

Endless Alphabet ($6.99)

Educational Apps

Once free, Endless Alphabet became so popular with the ever increasing demands to remove ads that the App is now a whopping $6.99. But don’t let the price put you off. It is still one of the best Apps out there to teach your children letters of the alphabet while having endless fun. Children get to pick a word with its letters scattered all around it. They can drag and drop the letters in their places. Every time a letter is correctly placed it comes alive and makes the sound that goes with the letter. Once all the letters are in place the word pronounces itself and also illustrates the meaning. This App is as good as it gets with great animation, bright colours and sound effect — all the things that kids love.

Meteor Math (Free)

Educational Apps

The developers of Meteor Math describe it as “Math meets an arcade game.” What better way to teach your children math! Kids are presented with meteors printed with numbers floating around in space. On the top of the screen is the number they have to aim for. They can pick an operation: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and collide two meteors to achieve that top number. The animation is brilliant and the countdown timer helps the children to think fast.

Barefoot World Atlas ($4.99)

Educational Apps

You may be one of the lucky ones who managed to download Barefoot World Atlas for free last year in July as part of the fifth birthday celebration of Apple’s App Store. It was one of the ten Apps that Apple made free that week so that should tell you how popular this App is with parents and why it’s worth the high price tag. An animated 3D globe takes your children on a wonderful adventure through the different regions of the world. Tap on the screen to look at photos, listen to music, learn about the different landmarks, wildlife, culture and history of each region.

Magic Piano (Free)

Educational Apps

As much fun for children as for adults, Magic Piano is great App which lets your children learn and enjoy music. It boasts an impressive catalogue of over 900 songs — from Bruno Mars to Mozart — with new songs added every week. Pick your tune and play it on the keyboard as you follow the beams of light with your fingers. For older kids there is also game mode which lets you unlock achievements and free songs. Magic Piano is a fantastic way to introduce your children to rhythm and melody.

Facts For Kids ($2.99)

Educational Apps

Did you know that a bolt of lighting is about six times hotter than the sun? Or that a chameleon can stretch its tongue more than three times the length of its body? These and many more fascinating facts make up the brilliant Facts For Kids App. Each day your children are presented with an interesting fact about animal, human anatomy, history, space, the world, and much more. Each fact is accompanied by a brightly coloured picture and the interface is very easy to navigate. With this amazing App Kids will have something new to learn every day and also something new to talk about.

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