Simbol for iPhone — Never be at a loss for symbols

SimbolSimbol for iPhone is a simple, elegant and unique App which has recently entered the AppStore. An exhaustive collection of universal symbols and their HTML codes, Simbol is a fresh App which helps not only students and developers, but also those of us who frantically search for the copyright sign, cents symbol or even the Apple logo to insert into our everyday conversations.


Simbol has a design which is minimally beautiful. A single screen which lists all the symbols with a search bar at the top. The symbols are divided into different categories: starting with Special Symbols containing the Apple logo to Math Symbols with integral, square root, etc. to Greek Letters and many more. Tapping on a symbol gives you its HTML and Entity code. Underneath these codes you have the option to “Copy Symbol” or “Copy HTML”. Tapping these options copies the symbol or the code to the clipboard and can then be pasted anywhere: a message, an e-mail or even to your Notes. The Simbol Search is very quick and can be used with both names and HTML codes.


Simbol contains an extensive list of Math Symbols which can be used to create equations. Tapping and holding a symbol gives you the option to “Add to equation.” These equations get displayed on the top of the screen. Once you start an equation you can add symbols to it through the keyboard, e.g. (x,y) or through the list of symbols, e.g. ≥. If you tap on the equation you get the option to copy it and then you can paste it according to your preference.


Simbol fills a small niche but does it simply and effectively. It can prove to be an indispensable tool for students and developers alike. Now all we need is Simbol for our Macs.

You can download Simbol for free from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 9/10

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