Polamatic for iOS and Android — Photos With A Touch Of Nostalgia

PolamaticAre you bored of the same style of photos taken by your phone? Do you want your photos to be different from all the photos posted on Facebook? Or maybe you wish you could scribble a personal message and put in on your friend’s Wall? Now you can achieve all this and more with Polamatic, the official App of Polaroid.


Polamatic gives any photo taken with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch a Polaroid look. Once you click your shot the photo appears on the screen as though it were slipping out of a Polaroid camera. Below the photo you have several options to enhance it according to your preference. You can add a filter to suit the style of the photo or to convey a certain emotion. There’s the usual black and white and sepia, but also vintage and summer sunset and lots in between. You also have available a choice of 36 border frames. Polamatic claim that these borders have been scanned from authentic new, used and vintage Polaroid picture frames. In addition, there’re also coloured frames in striking shades of blue, red, yellow, green if you wish to throw in some glamour. Another great feature of Polamatic is the ability to add text to the photos. There’s a choice of stylish fonts, colours, sizes, alignment and rotation. Have your words printed neatly below the photo or have it scrawled across. With Polamatic you can also edit your photos. Once the photo is saved you can share it through text, e-mail, Twitter or Facebook directly from the App or you could just save it to your Camera Roll.


In today’s world when there are thousands of photos uploaded on Facebook and Twitter every day it pays to be a bit different. With Polamatic you can not only personalise the photos with text but also add a touch of timelessness with the many effects available at your fingertips.

You can download Polamatic for $0.99 for iOS from here. It’s also available on Google Play for Android.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 8/10

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