MyBloc For iOS — Unify Your Social Network

MyBlocMyBloc for iOS is a new App which promises to combine your social network Apps into a single screen or rather onto a single block. MyBloc promises that you would never have to leave the App to check your social media feed. Just rotate the block to check the latest posts and tweets. But does MyBloc really work or is it too good to be true?

MyBloc currently works with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Once the App is downloaded you are asked to allow MyBloc access to your social media accounts. (The App will not post messages without your permission.) Once your accounts are linked the icons will appear on the top left corner of the screen above a cube. Select your App and swipe the screen up and down to rotate the cube vertically and change your viewing options, such as Feed, Photos, etc. Swipe left or right to turn the block horizontally and view posts, tweets and photos. You can either manually turn the block or set the rotation speed through the setting.


Wonderful as the concept is, the implementation lacks robustness. There are many little issues with MyBloc which slowly wear you down as you use it. For a start, not all the posts from the Facebook News Feed are displayed. Other posts don’t show the “Likes” even if there are many. The “Photos” section doesn’t display your own photos, but the photos that get posted on the feed by your friends. There is no part of the cube which gives you the lists of your Facebook friends, groups or Twitter followers. Moreover, there is no apparent way of posting a photo to your Wall. However, most of these issues could be ignored if it were not for the fact that the feeds don’t update while you are checking them. You have to tap on an alternative media or the “MyBloc” icon and then go back to get the latest feed. This completely beats the purpose of MyBloc. As most users would know Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Apps update automatically, and all you need is to pull down the screen to refresh the content. There is no such option here except exiting and reentering.


MyBloc is available for $0.99 from the AppStore. Considering the other social media Apps are free, it’s too much to ask users to pay for this App. Even so, if the App does what it says on the box I’m sure users will not mind parting with $0.99. MyBloc has a lot of potential to be a fantastic App, it just needs to fix all these nagging issues.

You can download MyBloc for $0.99 from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 6/10

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