MarginNote Reader – Make Your Notes Simple and Organized

marginnoteMarginNote Reader allows you to quickly jot down notes and keep them organized. Featuring PDF, ePub reader and completely integrated with Evernote, MarginNote Reader is a perfect note App. It’s content creation and content consumption both executed in the right way.


MarginNote Reader will present itself with a couple of tips when you first start the App. In MarginNote, you can easily highlight certain areas of the text quickly by holding onto the text area and dragging your finger. You can select the highlight color to your liking. Moreover, you can add comments to highlighted areas by just tapping on the highlighted text and tapping comment. MarginNote Reader includes ‘MindMaps’ which allows you to place thumbnails onto a white paper. The thumbnails can be interlinked using lines so that you can organize your notes and remember which note is linked with which. Furthermore, the notes you create are structured in a hierarchy layout. This allows you to further explain the margin note by tapping on it that introduces more notes in a drop down list. The margin notes can be edited by increasing the indents with a swipe to the left or to the right. A long swipe will delete the note so be cautious and dragging the note will allow you to change its location. MarginNote Reader is also compatible with Evernote so that you can sync your notes and work on them comfortably.


MarginNote features a pleasant design and appearance. All the options and features are in plain sight and easily accessible. Though it took us quite some time to understand how to use MarginNote Reader, it was pretty straightforward from then on. The color scheme is decent and attractive. The hierarchical system works fine and note making is trouble-free. We encountered no major problems with MarginNote but there is a $5.99 fee to upgrade to full Version of MarginNote.

Overall, MarginNote is an incredible note App that we recommend to those who usually make notes out of everything. MarginNote Reader is available on the App Store for free only for iPad in the productivity Category.

TheAppleGoogle rating: 9/10

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