My iStory, Diary of your Life

istoryMy iStory, developed by Apps Made Easy Ltd., boasts a wonderful and eye-catching design and tons of features to preserve your life in modern style. My iStory is a journaling app that lets you record your daily life experiences through words, pictures, video, audio, and even music.


At first you might think it’s just another diary with a lot of typing, but My iStory is more than that. My iStory jots down your lifetime experiences not only in words but in pictures, video, audio and music. Yes! With My iStory, your diary comes to life. You can create eBooks or slideshow of events, add recordings and search old memories with complete ease. Moreover, you can import photos and videos from a Camera and add additional detail such as text or geo tag to seamlessly make a day-to-day diary. In addition to all this, My iStory includes the ability to receive optional “thought of the day” notifications, protect your privacy with password authentication and geotagging. Furthermore, My iStory comes with default examples to get you started. Adding music to slideshows to enrich your eBook is a nice touch. The geotagging feature makes this application quite alluring because you can also remember places you travelled while on a road trip, vacation or business meetings.


My iStory has an attractive and charismatic design. The features are easy to locate and adding photos or videos is quite easy. Even the search functions works flawlessly and the settings are flexible. You can hop right into making your eBook and import photos to get started.  However the app has some issues as updating the app might crash it but the developers are working hard to fix the issues. For us, we encountered no serious issues.

Overall My iStory is an excellent and recommended app if you keep a daily dairy and it is, in fact, one of the best dairy apps we found on the App Store. My iStory is available on the App Store for just $0.99 for iPhone and iPad.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 9/10