Hopeless: The Dark Cave — Kill Monsters, Save Blobs, Don’t Lose Hope

HopelessHopeless: The Dark Cave is a new game by Upopa which has recently been released on the AppStore after receiving a lot of love and praise on Google Play. The game has a simple aim: save the blobs against the monsters. But these blobs are scared, sometimes they are frightened into shooting their own friends. It’s up to you to make sure they don’t lose hope.


A cost free and tutorial free game, you can jump right into Hopeless and start shooting the monsters. You start off with one armed blob in the middle of a very dark cave. The blob is trembling and looking around. The cave is full of eerie, screeching noises and the monsters can attack from any direction. Tap on the screen to make the blob shoot. If you shoot in the direction of the monster then you’ve got him. But don’t be scared, you are not alone. There are other blobs hiding in the cave, ready to come to your aid. But be careful, in your fear, you might shoot at another blob who is only coming to help you. With each monster you kill you score points. You also score when you don’t shoot on a fellow blob and let it join you. The more blobs you have around you the better you are able to defend against the monsters. As you continue to withstand their assault, the number of monsters attacking increases. Sometimes, it may get too much for the little blob, it may lose hope and kill itself. To further protect yourself Hopeless also offers rewards which you can unlock as you score more points. In addition, there are in-App purchases which let you buy a number of emergency blobs that you can use when you’re left on your own.


Hopeless is a brilliant game which tests your reflexes to the limit. The UI is extremely stylish and thoroughly intuitive. It’s one of the games that you would want to play with the sound turned on. It’s a surprise that Hopeless is free because the game is good enough to be paid for. If you’re looking for a game to play on your commute to work or to take a break after a hard day, Hopeless is the one.

You can download Hopeless for free from the AppStore and from Google Play.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 9/10

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