A Good Golf Companion App, myGolfstats + GPS (Review)

mygolfstatsThere are hundreds and thousands of golf apps on the App Store. It does get a bit tricky to choose between them and find the perfect Golf app for you. Some have a hefty price tag attached to them and some are just rubbish. However, myGolfstats + GPS is a good companion golf app on the App Store that not only has tons of features but is also free (with in-app purchases).

myGolfstats + GPS has over 33,000 course database all with their own scorecards. You can enjoy playing with 4 players simultaneously and enjoy putts, sand saves, driving and GIR too. Not only this but also the courses include accurate distances to hazards and pin locations, front center and back. After you have done playing, you can easily view the summary of the game at the end in a comfortable display summary. Moreover, myGolfstats + GPS integrates USGA handicaps as well as its own handicaps so you can quickly publish and compare your results with others over the world. Lastly, as myGolfstats features a GPS system, you’ll receive handy stats in real time.


myGolfstats has nicely built design and appearance. Though the backgrounds can be improved, you will find all the features easily and you will not need to fiddle around in the app to find every result and option. The GPS works fine and that myGolfstats does feature its own handicaps, you can upgrade, with some money, to USGA handicaps. The UI is very basic and can be improved.


myGolfstats + GPS is an excellent and solid golf companion App which is a lot easy to read and understand, and definitely worth using if you golf a lot. myGolfstats + GPS is available on the App Store for FREE for both iPhone and iPad in the Sports category.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 8.5/10

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mygolfstats-+-gps/id375735364?mt=8

Official Website:http://www.mygolfstatsmobile.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mygolfstats