Genius By Rap Genius — All Your Songs Laid Bare

GeniusHave you ever tried to sing along with Eminem but couldn’t keep up with the rap because you weren’t sure of the lyrics? Or perhaps you love the song Yellow by Coldplay but don’t know why it’s called “Yellow” and what yellow really has to do with it. What you need is the App Genius by Rap Genius — a new addition to the App Store. With Genius you never again need to be confused about the lyrics or the meaning of a song.


It’s not news to anyone that App Store has recently been flooded with Apps which provide the lyrics of songs in your playlist. Genius does this incredibly well and a lot more. Already popular in the form of a website, Genius attempts to give you the history, context, meaning of your favourite songs. Pick a latest song from the menu, choose one from your own playlist or search Genius’s database. The songs have a link to a performance video on YouTube or an audio recording at the top and below the title is a short description. The lyrics are printed clearly with some of the lines (generally the most cryptic ones) highlighted in yellow. Tapping on these yellow lines will give you the meaning and context behind the words. Some of the descriptions are not only insightful and well-researched but also witty. It informs you that The Trooper by Iron Maiden is based on the poem Charge of the Light Brigade by Lord Alfred Tennyson, while reminding you not to confuse the “Reaching a fever pitch, …” lyrics in Adele’s Rolling in the Deep with the film Fever Pitch.

Although songs (pop, rock, rap, and much more) are what Genius does best, it also covers poems and news items. You can find a great commentary on Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven or discover the references in President Obama’s latest remarks on NSA Program.


So if you want to know what Smells Like Teen Spirit was about or have a great desire to learn what Coleridge was thinking when he wrote Kubla Khan then Genius is the App for you. But even if you just want to find out what that song was in the closing credits of a Mad Men episode or want to get the lyrics of Beyonce’s latest songs you can’t do better than Genius.

You can download Genius by Rap Genius for free from here. (Age restriction of 17 years and over.)

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 9/10

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