Facebook Announces Mobile News Reader – Paper, Comes Out on iOS 3rd February


News Apps have recently started to gain a lot of traction, some of the popular ones being Flipboard, Pulse, and many more. And now Facebook too has joined the crowd, as Facebook Creative Labs have just revealed their first application, Paper.

The App will be launching on the 3rd of February, just one day ahead of Facebook’s 10 year anniversary. In the mean time, check out Paper’s full feature tour on its dedicated Facebook page. The page also features a promotional video, which we embedded below:

Introducing Paper from Facebook on Vimeo.

In Paper, you will be greeted with a beautiful and minimal homepage, with news and stories curated manually, as well as by elaborate algorithms, which based on the pages you visit and what you like, provide you with relevant information. You can swipe left and right through the featured news and cover stories, along with additional status updates and links below. Tapping an item will unfold it in a glorious animation, and you can simply use the pinch gesture to return to the previous page.

There are tons of categories or channels you can add to your feed, which include topics like ‘Cute’, ‘Sports,’ ‘Exposure,’ etc. Everything displayed will be from Facebook users around the world, be they celebrities and authors, or just another person sharing something worth seeing. Similarly, anything you share on Facebook publicly, can potentially be seen by other Paper users, and you can also compose new items via the App itself. Paper will also feature handpicked articles by editors and other people that you may like.

There won’t be any ads in the application for now, but Facebook says it will try to integrate them soon without them affecting the aesthetics or usage of the App. Facebook is also not promoting Paper much in its own native App, but it still claims that it is a threat to other competitors, like Flipboard and Circa.

As for the team behind the App, it was led by the Vine President of Facebook, Chris Cox, and was endorsed by Mark Zuckerberg himself. Michael Reckhow was the product manager and Mike Matas the designer. The App took over a year to make.

If Paper succeeds, it will be interesting, since everyone can now be part of the news, considering what they share is worthy, and it would also pose a threat to Twitter, which people currently use for their shot at temporary fame through a witty tweet.

The App will obviously be free, and will be available on iOS, and Android soon enough as well.

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