EyeTV Mobile — Watch Live TV Wherever You Are

EyeTVEyeTV Mobile is a smartphone accessory developed by Elgato which allows users to view live TV wherever you are. No, it doesn’t touch your data plan and there is no hidden bill at the end. Just connect to your iPhone or iPad and stream live television. Now, it doesn’t matter where you are, out in the park or sitting in the back of the car, you never have to miss your favourite shows.


EyeTV Mobile includes a compact TV tuner which connects to your device’s dock connector port. The way the accessory works is by receiving TV signal through a miniature telescopic antenna (MCX) and plays the content on your device with the free EyeTV Mobile App. So the tuner uses TV airwaves and not internet connection, which, in turn, means that EyeTV Mobile will not eat into your data allowance. The content you receive is from Dyle™ mobile TV. Since Dyle™ mobile TV is not available in all markets it’s advisable to consult the coverage map to check availability in your area. For the European market Elgato has developed EyeTV W, a stand-alone device which accesses over-the-air Freeview channels.

Elgato claims that the reception through EyeTV Mobile’s MCX is very good. But for poor reception areas an additional rod antenna is supplied which can help to enhance the reception. You also have the choice to pause Live TV. So if you need to take a quick break all you have to do is pause the reception and resume it later. Other features include the ability to e-mail or tweet recommendations directly from the electronic program guide, and to simultaneously surf the internet while watching your program.


EyeTV Mobile is a fantastic accessory in today’s age of constant travel. You no longer need to record your favourite programs just because you can’t be at home. Now you can watch them wherever you are.

You can buy EyeTV Mobile for $99.95 from here.

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