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CuriousDo you want to learn how to flirt in French before your trip to France? Are you interested in photography and would like to know a bit about the different types of lenses? Or perhaps you are just curious about surfing and want to get some top tips on how to surf your first wave. is an App designed for people who desire to keep learning all their lives. People who are curious about stargazing, piano chords and renaissance paintings. As Henry Ford said, “Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”


The home screen of Curious starts you off with a curious fact of the day. These are interesting and witty observations from every day lives. This screen makes just one side of the block. Swipe right to left to view Featured Lessons, such as “How to do card tricks” or “Train your dog to play dead.” The next side is Collections, featuring the most common categories, like Health & Beauty and Tasty Treats. The last face of the block is Featured Teachers, with each teacher’s biography and set of lessons available with a tap of your finger. You can also view the entire collection of courses through the list icon on the top-left or use the search tool. The collections are divided into categories from Staff Picks to Pocket Perfect to Under 5 Minutes. The length of the lesson, its cost, number of views, people enrolled and comments are mentioned next to each lesson’s video. The majority of lessons are free and you can watch without enrolling, but enrolling gives you the ability to leave comments and ask questions. When you sign-up for Curios you receive coins worth $20. You can use this to purchase lessons which are not free. Most paid lessons are worth $1-$3 and you get a preview of each lesson before enrolling in it.


Curious is a fantastic App which lets you learn and acquire knowledge while on the move. Learn about the Birth of Venus, make felted earrings, or surprise your children with balloon animals. Download Curious today and indulge your curiosity.

You can download Curious for free from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 9/10

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