Citymapper For iOS – The Ultimate Transit App

CitymapperOn the face of it Citymapper looks like just another transit App. With so many travel Apps available in the AppStore you may ask, what makes it so special? 2013 App of the Year Runner-Up, New York Times called it the best travel App to be introduced to New York City, while users in London would like to see Citymapper developers on the Queen’s honours list. These are just a few of the reasons to download Citymapper. But after only one use you are guaranteed to never use another travel App.


Built for London, New York and Paris, Citymapper is more than just an App which gets you from point A to point B. For a start, the top of the screen shows the different modes of transport — bus, subway, bicycle, etc. — near your current location, with live timings for the next bus, train, subway and tram. For bicycles, it displays the closest cycle docks. You can access the subway map with a single tap and also get up to date status of all the lines, including any disruptions. You can add “favourite” stations to get the route in just two taps. The “Get Me Somewhere” button is designed to get you the quickest route from one location to another. But what’s so fascinating about Citymapper is that it gives you not just the public transport and car directions, but also cycling routes, and all these directions include travel cost, number of calories burnt if you chose to walk or cycle, and the weather at the destination.


Other great features of Citymapper include “Get Me Home” and “Get Me To Work” options. Set your home and work address and get the directions in just one tap. You can also add other frequently visited places, such as Times Square or Central Park, to your “My Places” list to avoid having to search for these locations every time. There is also a fantastic “Meet Me Somewhere” option which allows you to share the location where you’d want to meet a friend or a colleague via e-mail, message or twitter. This message will contain a link to the Citymapper website which would provide the directions to get to the proposed location.

Not only does Citymapper have all the tools that you need to find your way through these big cities, but it is also very fast. All searches and routes are available almost instantly. No more waiting around and time outs. It is a must-have App for all New Yorkers, Londoners and Parisians.

Download Citymapper for free from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 9/10

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