Blockapp For iPhone – Tetris With A Twist

BlockappBlockapp is a re-interpretation of the classic game Tetris. Instead of the tiles falling down, you drag the blocks up the screen and try to complete as many lines as you can before the screen fills up. So, is it just an upside-down version of Tetris or is there more to Blockapp?

The first thing seasoned Tetris players would notice when playing Blockapp is that because the lines are cleared top down, parts of blocks which have been recently cleared don’t slide down (or up) and fill in the gaps. This makes the game interesting and a little bit harder in terms of strategy. In addition, with the coins won during the game, you can purchase helpful tools, such as “Clear Screen” or an “Undo Pack” or even brighter or  glossy-effect tiles.


Unfortunately, Blockapp is completely let down by the UI and the implementation. Although described as elegant and minimalist on the AppStore page, the UI is very unattractive, looking more simplistic than minimalist. Also, when you click on certain options, such as Objectives there is no way of returning to the main screen without exiting the App. Some of the classic block shapes, such as the z– or the L–shaped blocks do not appear automatically but have to be bought from the store, although, interestingly, they are free. There is also no means of skipping levels. With each game you have to start at level 1, which, after a while, becomes very tedious. The implementation of Blockapp is also lacking in terms of speed. The lines take at least a couple of seconds to clear and new blocks take equally long to appear. An App like this where the aim is to be quick, it’s a shame that the game itself is slow.


Blockapp, with a few enhancements, can be a very interesting game, especially for those who enjoy such puzzles. We hope that future updates of this game would smooth out these problems. Until then, there is always Tetris.

You can download Blockapp for free from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 6/10

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