Block Frustrating Numbers With VIPaList for iPhone (Review)

vipalistReceiving a lot of unwanted and unknown wrong numbers? Do you wish to throw your phone at the wall during work when you receive such a call?  Now, with VIPaList, you don’t need to throw your phone away or be irritated. Developed by Femi Olu, VIPaList provides an intelligent and quick way to block those unwanted wrong number with just a tap.

VIPaList has an easily-managed call management function. Basically, contacts are categorized into different categories and ‘modes’ allow you block those calls. Allowed A-List allows call to ring your phone. You’ll receive all the calls from the allowed group to ring your phone. D-list Mode sends phone calls to voice mail which you don’t want to receive while receiving calls from the A-list. Places Mode uses your location to block calls you don’t want. At work, you’ll only receive important calls from co-workers while at home receive all calls. Suppress All Callers Mode sends every call to the voice mail so you are not disturbed. VIPaList allows you to make groups such as family, co-workers, friends etc. so you can add them to the Modes quickly without having to place each contact individually.


All the settings and modes are easily manageable and features are not hidden. Though, sometimes, VIPaList might block emergency calls and important calls from your superiors and the design of the app was not quite attractive. The VIPaList UI is absolutely not up to the latest iOS standards. Even though it does the work and functions properly, the interface needs lots and lots of work. Simple blocking can now also be done within Settings itself for iOS 7 users.

VIPaList is available on the App Store for $1.99 in the Utilities category for iPhone. We’d recommend it if you are looking to block calls in iOS 6 or less.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 6/10

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