Tydlig: A Completely New Way To Use A Calculator (Review)

tydligThere are numerous calculator applications on the App Store but each one of them lack in a certain area. Some applications have great looks but limited functionality and vice versa. However, Tydlig, developed by Andreas Karlsson, has both the looks and full functionality and a whole lot more.


Tydlig has pretty straightforward functions. The screen shows the calculation and the corner of inputs. Tydlig has an infinite scrolling page to store all the working and inputs you have done. Moreover, ‘Link Numbers’ feature helps you to drag results anywhere on the canvas to be reused again on any further calculations. Not only this, Tydlig features over 20 mathematical operations to use and the ability to make Graphs based on the function is also included. You’ll be able to use complicated options such as pi, tan, cos and sine. Furthermore, you can share your calculation anywhere by copying the calculation as text, copy any graph as an image or using the share menu.


Tydlig has an impressive layout and design. The calculations are arranged neatly on the page and color to match link number is brilliant. All the commonly used operation and some complex operations are included and the app is very flexible. We experienced no problems while using the app but the Price tag of $4.99 is a hefty price.

Overall, Tydlig is an impressive calculator that delivers all that you expect. Tydlig is available on the App Store for $4.99 for both the iPhone and iPad.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 9/10

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