Transform Your iOS Device Into A Custom Controller With Custom Control Pad

ccpiconCustom Control Pad (CCP), developed by FrozenPepper, allows you to completely convert the display of your iPad and iPhone into a personally chosen keyboard or, much better, into a joystick that works flawlessly with your PC and Mac.

Custom Control Pad features numerous ways to find the right layout and pattern to suit your needs. You can create a layout, yourself, for any application or game that you feel difficult when using the keyboard. If you are not a heavy PC user or the mouse and keyboard combo doesn’t suit your taste, you can use your iPad or iPhone and make it much comfortable when using the PC. Moreover, Custom Control Pad gives you complete freedom to make a layout by customizing details such as buttons, labels, virtual joysticks, sliders, GUI elements etc. Custom Control Pad is compatible with many top PC applications and games and features 40 layouts and high resolution skins which you can alternate between with just a swipe. Furthermore, Custom Control Pad can receive real-time data from the computer via a public API which allows Custom Control Pad to display in-game data on your iPad or iPhone and it works great even on WiFi.



Custom Control Pad has a decent layout and appearance. Though joystick, mouse and midi support is not present at the time, it will be available in the next updates. Also, we noticed some delay when using the app via WiFi but it was not too much to be worried about. The custom layout we created worked fine too.


Overall, Custom Control Pad is an amazing app to have on your iPad and iPhone at all times. It helps to conserve time and quickly change controls easily between apps and games. Custom Control Pad is available on the App Store for $0.99 for both the iPhone and iPad.

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