King Hitalot For iPad – Build, Smash And Conquer Castles

kinghitalotStrategy games are in high demand and for good reasons. Users enjoy games which challenges the brain in a way which doesn’t just test memory or reflexes, but also the ability to find solutions to problems. And the best strategy games are the ones which present increasingly difficult problems and make you work harder each time. King Hitalot, with its attractive UI and fun challenges, is one such game.


King Hitalot has taken the concept of Angry Birds and built on it. In fact, a Skirmish battle is exactly like Angry Birds, except instead of birds it’s your army and instead of pigs it’s another king. The goal of each Skirmish is to smash the king’s castle with cannonballs and defeat him. With each victory you unlock the next level and different weapons. But where King Hitalot gets interesting is that you can build your own castles. You have available a set of free building blocks of different shapes and sizes (more materials can be bought via in-App purchases) which you can put together in any structure you like and build up to 100 castles. You can then share these castles with other users and see if it can withstand their attack. Similarly, you can play a Challenge where you battle against another player’s castle. King Hitalot Facebook page will post the most liked, disliked, played, popular and invincible castles. If this were not exciting enough, you also have the option of taking up to five photos of your battle and posting it on facebook.


King Hitalot is an addictive game which is sure to be a hit with both children and adults. If you are a fan of strategy games then download King Hitalot now, which will keep you going through the Christmas holidays.

You can download King Hitalot for free from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 8/10

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