High School Spanish For iOS — Spanish Textbook On Your Phone

highschoolspanishEducation is the second most popular category on the App Store after Games, and has over 100,000 Apps available to download. This is a big indicator that the general public is always keen to learn and it is more important to them than lifestyle or entertainment Apps. Parents are always on the lookout for Apps suitable for their kids and adults are constantly trying out brain training Apps. With High School Spanish, Common Ground International have tapped into a big market of US teenagers who are more interested now than ever in learning the second most spoken language in the country.


Easy to use, High School Spanish has five sections. The first section is Writing Tips which provides information with examples on how to write various pieces, like a News Report, an Essay or an Article in Spanish. The next section is Grammar which is an explanation of various Spanish grammar rules, such as Conjugations, Tenses and Verbs. But the most important, and possibly, the most used sections of High School Spanish are Dictionary and Flashcards. The Dictionary consists of both English and Spanish words with the English words marked with a US Flag. There is a speaker button next to each word which gives its pronunciation. Flashcards are a quick way of learning popular Spanish words, like colors, greetings, numbers, etc. You can “tick” a word if you already know it or have learnt it and it’ll not appear in the flashcards again. The last section, Comprehension, is a set of tests that you can take in both Reading and Listening and see how much you have learnt so far and which areas you need to improve in.


High School Spanish is a fantastic App which should be on every high school student’s phone. It’s comprehensive, easy to use and provides quick access to popular vocabulary. However, there are some minor issues with the App. For instance, you can add words from the dictionary to a folder, but there is no way to access these folders. The option to choose a language in the Flashcards section is very confusing. It would be easier to have a setting on the top to choose your preferred language (Spanish or English). Also, it would be more user-friendly to give the pronunciation when each flashcard is tapped, rather than tapping the speaker button. But these are all cosmetic issues which we hope will be addressed in future updates. So, if you are a high school student or even if you just want to learn Spanish for fun then download High School Spanish today. An in-app purchase “QuizLet” is also being offered for free by the developers till Jan 1st, 2014 that allows you to activate thousands of pre-made Spanish flash cards.

You can download High School Spanish from here for $4.99.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 8/10

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