FireScribe For iOS — Add Sparkle To Your Messages

firescribeFireScribe for iOS is the latest in a line of Apps which let you add a personal touch to your messages. As the name suggests, it turns your message into a firework-scrawl. But does FireScribe really have any fire to it or is it all just smoke?


There are two versions of FireScribe available: the full version costs $0.99, while FireScribe Lite is free to download. The full version lets you choose your own photos as a background to your messages and is of course advertisement-free. FireScribe Lite has a selection of six backgrounds: Sydney Opera House, New York and various landscapes. Select a background, type a message and send. Your message will be sent as a movie attachment via e-mail or you could upload it to Facebook or save it to your Camera Roll. The message will appear with every letter being formed with a burst of sparkles and looks really nice with good sound-effects. It’s a great way of saying “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year.”


But that’s about all you can say with FireScribe. The time it takes to save a message can be quite long depending on the length of the message. Even shorter messages are not as quick as you would expect. You also don’t get the option to name the file attachment appropriately. Each video is named There is no option to send your message in an SMS or WhatsApp. The only way to do that is to first save it to Camera Roll. In addition, the resolution of the backgrounds provided by default is quite low which make the overall effect a bit blurry. The UI can also do with a bit of a makeover with the clunky buttons replaced with something a bit more sleek.

FireScribe is a nice idea and with some updates can be turned into a fantastic App. But until then it’s a nice way to just say “Congratulations!”

You can download FireScribe Lite for free from here. You can get the full version from here for $0.99.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 7/10

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