Bamba Burger For iPad — Let The Kids Be The Chef

bambaburgerIt wouldn’t come as a surprise to any parent that kids love role play. They love to dress up as superheroes, don a hat to be a cowboy, pick up a toy stethoscope and check your breathing or even slide down the banister like a fireman. It stimulates their creativity while being a lot of fun. Bamba Burger for iPad is a fantastic children’s App which lets kids be chefs at their favourite burger joint.

The aim of Bamba Burger is to create a meal for the customer, complete with a burger, drink and a side dish. For the burger there is a selection of buns: sesame seed, slice of white bread, cake, oyster shell and many more, including a pile of rubbish crawling with cockroaches and worms to keep even the naughtiest of children interested. Similarly, the toppings include a shoe, an octopus and toilet paper, among the more usual ones of bacon, cheese and egg.


The selection of drinks depends on the burger bun — for a cake bun you get to pick unicorn dust or fairy sparkle and for the worm-infested bun you get a choice of a spider drink or muddy-slush. Pick one or mix it all. Bamba Burger is also highly interactive: to flip the burger you need to twist the iPad, move your finger in a zig-zag way to slice the bun, swipe across to chop potatoes. And at the end of the meal there is even a surprise toy to complete the entire experience.


Bamba Burger, with an extremely attractive and easy to use UI, is a wonderful App that any kid would love to play. At the next barbeque let them serve you a chocolate-filled tyre burger with a red pepper drink and a side of potato wedges.

You can get Bamba Burger for free from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 10/10

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