Counters For iOS: Now Never Lose Tab On Anything

countersAs hundreds of Apps hit the App Store almost every day and clamour for users’ attention, the Apps which stand out the most are ones which have taken a simple idea, no matter how basic or small, and have implemented it to perfection. Apps which do one thing but do it so well that you ask yourself how you had managed so far without it. Counters for iOS is one such App which will make your daily life that much easier.


One of the top 10 paid Productivity Apps in Germany and New Zealand, and a Top 25 paid Productivity App in US, UK and Canada among other countries, Counters has made its mark by doing a simple thing extremely well. As the name suggests, Counters keeps a count of almost anything you want it to. With a UI that’s clean, intuitive and easy to use, you can add a counter for multiple items. Then just tap with one finger to increase the counter or with two fingers to decrease it. It couldn’t be easier. Each counter is colour-coded in clear, large font to make it easier to spot the one you’re after. If you want to delete a counter just swipe to the left and tap Delete. With Counters on your iPhone you no longer need to keep a mental count of anything or have tallies on the last page of your diary. Keep tabs on your cups of coffee, baby’s nappy changes, rainy days, trips to the snacks counter, and all those things which clutter the back of your mind.


At just $0.99 Counters is a steal. This is an App that’s meant for everyone, from a student to a professional. If you want to keep a tab on anything, or everything, in a simple and efficient way, you will not do better than Counters.

You can download Counters from here for $0.99.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 9/10

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