Today for iOS Is A Customizable Wake Up Alarm

Today is a recently launched App for iOS that serves as a wake up alarm. What’s different? It’s totally customizable from the bottom up. It’s very automated, so you customize the things you’d like, and it would wake you up alongside those elements presented in a structured format.


– Each panel is read out by a voice, updating you in a way that feels like you’re in the future. “Good morning Andrew. The weather today is Partly Cloudy, 48ยบ Fahrenheit.”
– Panels display relevant content to start your day, so you’re not overloaded with information.
– Add, remove and re-order panels to create the alarm you want.
– Customize each panel, including adding mail accounts, changing calendars and adding your own news sources.
– Disable speech for any panel, to ensure privacy.
– Add music from your library, and a selection of sound effects.
– Night mode gives you a beautiful night clock. Or close Today and you’ll be woken starting with a notification.

You can get it for $2.99 for iPhone and iPad from here.

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