iPad Air is 80% Faster Than iPad 4 – Geekbench Results Show


According to new benchmark results from Geekbench by Primate Labs, the iPad Air is 80% faster than the previous fourth generation iPad, almost living up to the claim made by Apple that said that it would be twice as fast.

The iPad Air is powered by the new A7 processor, the same one you’d find in the iPhone 5s, but it runs at 1.4 GHz, as compared to the 5s’s clock speed of 1.3, says John Poole, Primate Labs founder. He also says that it is a great upgrade from the 4th generation iPad, especially in terms of performance.


“With most recent Mac updates showing only modest performance improvements, it’s exciting to see iOS devices do the opposite, with substantial improvements between generations,” he said. “I wonder how much longer Apple can keep this up?”

The iPad Air will be available starting from $499, on next Friday.

(Via CNET)

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