Play Ludo – The Classic Board Game With Your Friends With Ludo PlaySpace for iOS

ludoplayspaceLudo PlaySpace, developed by PlaySpace, is a digitized version of the epic 4-player board game that really brings your childhood memories to life. Complete with smooth mechanics and improved gameplay, Ludo PlaySpace is a decent game.

The gameplay of Ludo PlaySpace is exactly like the real board version of the game. The app allows users to role the dice with friends or strangers and discover a new gaming experience. The rules are plain and simple. Race your token around the board by rolling the dice one at a time. Reaching a colored square will protect you from being eliminated and land on the square with a differently colored token to send it to its home. The first to the Finnish line wins. Ludo PlaySpace allows you to sign in to social networking sites and play with your friends and rank up on the leaderboard. Each win awards coins and money which can be used to buy power ups in the shop. Moreover, you can also play with the community and create challenges for others.

Ludo Playspace

Ludo PlaySpace is a prime entertainment game that brings the classics to the world of technology unlike any other.

The layout and appearance of the app is well suited and user-friendly. The colors and animations are smooth but we did’t find any issues though we think the squares or rectangles should be larger and look more square.
Overall, Ludo PlaySpace is eloquent and gamers would love this game. Ludo PlaySpace is available on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad and on the Google Play Store for Android. The Facebook version is available here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 8/10