Twitter Updates Apps – DM Unread Status Is Now In Sync

TwitterYesterday, Twitter announced its updates for not only the iPhone, iPad and Android Apps, but also the Desktop and Mac Apps, as well as TweetDeck. The changes, while being minor, are something that have been requested for a while.

The update essentially brings the syncing of DM unread/read status across multiple devices, for example, if you read a DM on your Android phone, it would appear as read, but, if you looked up your DMs on the iPhone App, it would still show up as unread, this is the gap Twitter has filled with their latest update.

In order to experience this, you will need to go and update the Twitter App on all of your devices. Along with this fix, Twitter also improved the search feature for its mobile Apps, which will now show the bios of the people you looked up, as well as ‘similar people.’ There is also a new, iPhone specific feature, which let’s you reply to a tweet, directly from the window you are viewing it from, without you having to open up a new one.

A final feature, which has gone unnoticed by a few, is a new ‘people’ icon, that let’s you find new people to follow, this button is added to your navigation bar, next to the search button.

(Via TechCrunch)

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