timcookIs Apple on the right track? Will it keep building higher (or lower) variants of iPhones…….from iPhone 6 to iPhone 40 or will there be something better? Will it respond to its technology hungry fans and gadget devotees by getting something radically different? And if so by when ? The questions are endless ….but at the core of it is one common expectation. That is for Apple to come out with more innovative and radically different products and services ….just like the way it was when Steve Jobs was running the Company.

Now with Tim carrying forward the mantel, the world is viewing him from the same lens through which it saw Steve working out wonders. But things are not happening the same way at Apple as it used to earlier. Something is not “cooking” right.

TheAppleGoogle had tried anticipating Apple’s strategy. The reading was that the next path breaking product will be the one which will substitute all televisions across the globe. Well,
we did see Apple TV come through. But it is not a successful product. It just remains on the counters and the customers are not grabbing it. This is because they do not see it to be inviting enough as it does not offer something that is amazingly different.

Well, what is it that we see happening at Apple in this area? Apparently, Tim and his folks were trying to set up deals with the entertainment companies to share the space and also try to make a win-win scenario out of it. It was an approach that was set to fail. Why would any media agency do so as there is nothing much in it for them?

Apple actually is trying to fish with the rod end inside the water. Let us understand a different approach which might well require an exploration. Okay, now the basics first. The entertainment companies would be having their owned & operated (O&O) thematic channels to support their distribution. They would be having their wholly owned production bases, joint ventures and associates coupled with production/distribution arrangements. They also tie up with independent production houses to buy the content and beam through their range of channels. Now why would they let Apple in?

The solution therefore lies in Apple finding an alternative medium. It should have its own satellites and should find much cheaper distribution channels. It will be at that time when all the content Turks will opt to use Apple which in turn can have its own customized device to provide the unique experience. The sale of these devices will provide the return on investment to Apple and leap frog it into a higher plane.