Refurbished Apple TV Price Reduced to $75

appletvApple has reduced the price of the refurbished Apple TV, making it $10 cheaper than the previous price of $85, and $24 cheaper than a brand new device. It is believed that Apple reduced the price following the announcement of the Google Chromcast, which has been gaining traction not only because of its low price tag at a mere $35, but also due to the fact that it is universal, and not tied to a single Operating System.

While the Chromecast and Apple TV are similar in core functionality, the latter boasts more advanced, and iOS/Mac specific features.

However, it is not common to see Apple reducing prices simply to keep up with the competition from other devices, so this might just be a coincidence.

An alternative reason for the price reduction could be the fact that a newer model of the Apple TV could be in the works, and Apple wants to rid themselves of the previous stock before announcing the new device.

Either ways, only time will tell. As always, we will keep you updated as we get to know more.

(Via CultOfMac)

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