With Google Reader Gone, Reeder for iOS Gets Support For Feedly and Feed Wrangler

Reeder for iOSGoogle Reader has been shut down, and it’s a sad day for all of us. Though Reader is not amidst us today but our beloved RSS client App – Reeder for iOS just launched an update that adds support for all the other third party clients out there, including Feedly and Feed Wrangler.

Although with this new update, Google Reader has been removed from the service list but it does not delete the existing Google Reader accounts in synced with the App.

Reeder was updated, last April, with support for Feedbin and no-sync local RSS, including Fever and Readability syncing.

Reeder will stand as a local RSS reader and a client for one or all of the below:

Feedbin syncing (optional, paid account required, see feedbin.me)
Feedly syncing (optional, free account required, see feedly.com)
Feed Wrangler syncing (optional, paid account required, see feedwrangler.net)
Fever syncing (optional, paid web app required, see feedafever.com)
Readability syncing (optional, free account required, see readability.com)

Reeder’s new version is now available in the App Store. Normally, the App is priced at $2.99 but the good news is it has been made free.

The App Store will pull Reeder for iPad and Reeder for Mac, since they remain Google Reader – only. Silvio Rizzi, the Reeder developer says, once they have support for Google Reader replacement services, they will be restored with their upcoming updates.

Download Reeder from here.

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