Do You Really Know All About Your Friends? Find Out With Guessbook for iOS

guessbookGuessbook is a brand new App that actually tells you how much you know about your friends on Facebook. It automatically connects you via Facebook, checks for your friends and starts asking you random questions about them. Questions are all multiple choice based. Guessbook basically goes through your entire friend’s profile, timeline and more to generate completely random questions. The questions are really interesting.

You need to answer the questions and earn points, or skip the question. If you earn three stars for a friend, it clearly means that you know all about that particular friend and you can even let him/her know about it.



✔ Get 3 stars for every friend and fill up the friend meter, only if you completely know everything about the friend
✔ Be quick to earn more points
✔ Amazing sounds at every instant of the game
✔ Randomly generated questions provided instantly
✔ Share your scores with your Facebook friends and impress them
✔ Use helpers if required

Guessbook is highly recommended. It’s free and available on the App Store. Available for iPhone and iPad.