How To Create Folders On iPhone For Quick And Easy Access

foldersDo you have a lot of Apps installed on your iPhone? Are they sprawling over many pages? With the arrival of iOS4 it is possible to create folders on iPhone. This lets you manage your Apps better and get to them more easily. The idea is to group similar Apps together in a folder, allowing quick access and reducing the clutter.

Creating folders on iPhone is easy and takes hardly two minutes. Follow the steps below:

1. You need at least two Apps to create a folder. It helps to put similar Apps together so you know what you’re looking for. For example, keeping games in one folder, while Financial Apps in another.

2. Tap and hold one of the Apps that you’ve chosen until the screen starts shaking and a white cross appears on the top left corner of the App. (Similar to when you’re rearranging or deleting Apps).

3. Drag that App over another that you have selected. This will create a folder. (A square containing the two Apps). At the bottom of the screen you will see the Apps appear under a text box with the suggested name of the folder. So, for instance, if you put Facebook and Twitter Apps together the iPhone will suggest a folder name: Social. You can keep the name or change it to something of your choice.

4. Press the home button to confirm the creation of the folder.

5. You can add more Apps to the folder while creating it or later on. To add an App tap and hold the App until it starts jiggling, then drag and drop it into the folder. Press the Home button to confirm the changes. (A folder can contain no more than 16 Apps)

6. To edit a folder tap and hold it until it moves. Tap it once again and the Apps within it will be displayed at the bottom. You can change the name of the folder, remove an App from it by dragging it to the main screen or add more Apps. Folders on iPhone can also be rearranged in the same way as icons. Press Home when you’re done.

7. To delete a folder simply remove all the Apps from it by dragging them to the screen.

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