Apple Testing Large Screen Prototypes for iPhone and 9.7 iPad

Larger iPhoneAccording to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Apple is reportedly testing out bigger screen designs for the iPhone, as well as the iPad. Apple is asking its suppliers to produce prototype screens, for the iPad and the iPhone, both of which will be larger than the current sizes.

Accirding to the Wall Street Journal’s sources, Apple is set to start production of a new iPad, which will boast a thinner and lighter display, but will be predominately similar to the current 9.7″ iPad, in terms of size and appearance. As for the iPhone, components for the device have been in mass production since last month, so we may be seeing a new iPhone soon enough.

This isn’t the first time Apple is thinking of larger iPhones, back in June, Reuters reported that Apple was looking to produce a 4.7″ and 5.7″ iPhone.

However, you shouldn’t get your hopes too high, just because Apple is testing large screen prototypes, doesn’t at all mean that they will be producing it for the masses.

As for the upcoming iPhone and iPad, they will both keep the current sizes of 4″ and 9.7″ respectively, though there is a possibility of larger versions after them. We think this is a good move, since all the Apple competitors, HTC, Samsung and others produce larger phones.

(Via TechCrunch)

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