UniFrame For iOS – A Photo Frames App

uniframeUniFrame is the latest App in a series of photo presentation Apps which have hit the AppStore recently. But UniFrame has an edge over the other Apps with its unique feature which allows you to browse images from various sources – internet and your own – to create a beautiful, collage-style photo frame. Unfortunately, the execution of the App slightly lets down this brilliant idea.
UniFrame has a simple and slick UI. A swipe down brings up the menu, while swiping up closes it. With just a tap you can enlarge and close the photos. A tap-and-hold lets you take a screenshot which is saved to the Camera Roll and can be subsequently shared on Facebook and Twitter, or E-mailed. You have the ability to choose from various photo-sharing services such as Flickr, Instagram, 500px, Facebook Albums and your own photo gallery. (You can also access Google Images with the paid version for $1.99). But this is when the problems begin. First of all, UniFrame crashed several times when I tried to select more than two or three sources or if I changed the frame style. It complained about internet connectivity, although other Apps on my phone continued to work fine. If you select Photo Gallery first, followed by another source then pictures from your own gallery don’t appear. The only way to resolve this is to un-select and re-select the Photo Gallery option. Sometimes, changing the view (source or frame-style) leaves UniFrame slightly stuck, whereby it doesn’t display photos for a long time or one of the frames remain blank. There is also no way of pinning the photos to their frames or changing a single photo in a given selection, in order to achieve the look you may be after.
UniFrame has the potential to be a fantastic App which can make photo-browsing and photo-presentation extremely easy and enjoyable for the user; however, it does need to look at and resolve the above issues before it can achieve that.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 6/10

You can download UniFrame for free (and for $1.99) from here.

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