Send A Happy Alien Or An Angry Shark To Your Friends With iGab For iOS

i-gab“iGab wants to save the world from boring messages!” says the iGab Facebook page and it is doing a wonderful job of achieving that goal. iGab is a messaging App which allows you to send a 3D animated character which will relay the message in your voice. No more spending time typing long messages which can’t convey your emotions. iGab is a novel, fun and entertaining way of sending messages to your friends.


Creating an iGab message is an incredibly easy 4-step process. Step 1: pick a Gabber (an animated 3D character) from Ruby the Dragon, Mack the Shark, I.G The Alien, Jaz the Grasshopper or Tucker the Turtle. Each Gabber has three forms: happy, sad and angry. Step 2: record your message. Step 3: preview it. Step 4: send it. iGab saves the video message in the camera roll from where it can be “shared” on Facebook, Tweeted, E-mailed, Texted, put on YouTube or sent via WhatsApp. The receiver will see a crying turtle or an ecstatic grasshopper delivering them your message in your voice and not a computer generated one. It couldn’t be easier to send a personalised and entertaining message. What is even more exciting is that in a future release iGab will add a new feature: “Create your own Gabber”. This will take the already delightful messages to another level.


The only small drawback with iGab is that if the message is long (the limit is 30 seconds) then it can take a while to create the video, but this is definitely not a show-stopper. For $0.99 the App is worth every cent and will make your messages a pleasure to receive. Congratulate, cry, wish happy birthday, scream and shout with iGab. No more boring messages!

TheAppleGoogle Rating 9/10

You can download iGab for $0.99 from here.

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