Screenshoter For iOS – Crystal Clear Screenshots, Remotely Captured

screenshoterWhen reading the name “Screenshoter” your first thought might be ‘I know what it does.’ Think again. If you think it’s just another screenshot capturing App then prepare to be surprised. Screenshoter gives you the ability to capture screenshots of your computer, Windows or Mac, remotely from your iPhone or iPad.


There are no tedious setups required, no change in network configuration or router modification. All you need is a connection to the internet for both your computer and your iOS device. This is the main selling point of Screenshoter that it is totally hassle free. To establish a connection with your computer you need to install the server on your machine from the Screenshoter website. This will generate a User ID and Password which when entered on the iOS device will connect you to your host computer and allow you to take screenshots. You can add as many host machines as you like provided you have access to them via the server. The screenshots are of incredibly good quality with the smallest detail clearly visible. Screenshoter also allows you to share these images via Facebook, Twitter and E-mail.


The main problem with Screenshoter is that screenhots are the only feature that it currently provides. As a utility capturing screenshots does not justify being a paid App when there are free Apps like LogMeIn which allow complete access of your machine remotely, including running applications, accessing files, controlling the desktop and shutting or starting it. Screenshoter needs to achieve something of similar standard in order to charge for the App. The website confirms that myriad new features are planned for future releases but we can only speculate what these are. Let’s hope they’ll be good enough to make the App more useful and attract more users.

TheAppleGoogle Rating – 7/10

You can download Screenshoter for $0.99 (special launch price) from here.

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